Versatile software engineer with experience designing, building, deploying and maintaining web enabled systems.

Proficient in most areas of web backend technologies, containerization (Docker/Podman & Kubernetes) and relational database systems.

Familiar with NoSQL databases (ie. Redis, MongoDB, Memcached).

Proven problem solving and analytical skills, experienced. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

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Devops Engineer

Cycode @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Kubernetes monitoring/alerting stack researcher:

Senior → Staff Software Engineer  recommended1

2017 — 2021
BlazeMeter @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Broadcom BlazeMeter at Enterprise Software Division of Broadcom (2018 – 2021)

    • 2020 – 2021: Staff Software Engineer

      • Mentoring new engineers about platform

      • Non-trivial tasks lead (ie. minimize breaking changes for some new features)

    • 2018 – 2020: Senior Software Engineer

      • Multi-cloud solutions: GCP, AWS, Azure: SDK client in PHP 5-7 and Python 2-3 for:

        • Provisioning of VMs

        • S3-compatible solution: ie. Minio and boto3

        • etc.

      • Convert Docker image solution to native multi-platform solution using PyInstaller and NSSM for Win32 service management

      • Introduced use of Alpine Linux for reduced security footprint and size/cost improvements

      • Splunk dashboards

In 2018 Broadcom acquired CA Technologies

  • CA Technologies BlazeMeter (2017 – 2018)

    Software Engineer at CI/CD Division of CA Technologies

    • Developed:

      • Solutions with a mixture of PHP, Python, Docker, MongoDB, Java, BASH.

      • Contributor to multi-cloud provisioning system for AWS, GCE, Azure.

    • Member of:

      • Team nominated to CA’s 2017 “Barrier Breaker” award.

      • Maintenance team for production systems (devops).

Senior Developer  recommended1 recommended2

2011 — 2016
IronSource, AfterDownload @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • IronSource Search (2014 – 2016)

    • Implemented in Go high performance & low latency geolocator and browser sniffer.

    • Implemented Bing search feed consumer and client tracking. Maintance of Yahoo, InfoSpace and partial Google feeds. At runtime feeds segregated by brand, market and multiple AB tests.

    • Implemented detection & reporting of prominent browser ad blockers, which allowed management take strategic business decisions.

    • Developed:

      • Solutions with a mixture of PHP, SQL (MySQL, RedShift), Python, Javascript and Go.

      • Search extensions for Chrome and Chromium browsers (ie. Binkiland New Tab).

      • Internal automations for department needs (ie. AV scans, remote jobs, up/down-loads, reports) with storage at S3, statistics from RedShift consumption.

    • Enhanced AB testing framework used for high-traffic landing pages (300M+ hits/mo.) with extreme low latency.

    • System administration of *NIX systems (eg. CentOS) at AWS.

    • Management of NGINX and php-fpm.

screenshots from monetised search pages (Yahoo feed)
Home/landing page of search brand, one of many Results page, SERP, with monetization
  • IronSource Display (2013 – 2014)

    • Azure hosted next generation version of C.A.S.T based on C#.

    • Native display advertisement platform development.

    • Migrated custom third party integrations from previous PHP to new C# solution.

In 2013 IronSource acquired AfterDownload

  • AfterDownload R&D (2011 – 2013)

    • Designed & implemented prototype of online advertisement platform C.A.S.T.

    • Maintained hundreds of landing pages for FriedCookie.

    • Designed & implemented tracking system of installations (PIO: Products, Installation & Offers).

    • Planned and executed integations with partners.

    • Techinical contact & lead developer for most stategic client: CNET’s (ie. native ads platform & PPD bidding program).

    • PHP, SQL development and Debian system administration.

    • Integrations with CyberSource, PayPal and SendGrid services.

    • Management of Apache and mod_php.

screenshots from platform for
PPD bidding platform Native ads at

Developer & Leader  recommended1

2008 — 2011
Teleweb Services @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Senior Developer (2008 - 2009):
  • Senior member of eCommerce back-end PHP Development team.
  • R&D Team Leader (2009 - 2010):
  • Architecturize, implement and maintain distributed and adaptable systems.

  • Coordinate requirements between back-end, front-end and marketing needs.

  • Special Projects Lead (2010 - 2011):
  • R&D for business growth.

PHP Developer  recommended1

2006 — 2008
Zend Technologies @Ramat-GanIsrael

  • eBussiness PHP Developer:
  • Member of Zend’s internal PHP Development team.

  • Maintainer of mission critical, fault tolerant systems.

Web Developer  recommended1

2005 — 2006
Koret Communications @Tel-AvivIsrael

Project Manager  recommended1

2001 — 2005
Mapas Digitales S.A. @SantiagoChile

  • Project Leader for Chilean Postal Service Postal Code Development, business intelligence and most mayor projects.

  • Team mentoring.

  • Research and Development of new web enabled technologies for internal use.

PHP Developer  recommended1

2000 — 2001
InterMedia S.A. @SantiagoChile

  • Development of CMS and e-commerce systems for Chilean companies.

  • Lead developer for LanChile and Eucerin portals, among other projects.

  • Administrator of database and web server boxes.

Consultant & Technical Support

1998 — 2000
Independant Consultant @SantiagoChile

  • Freelance software developer (POS, thesis support, web pages, etc).

  • Y2K readiness, support and hardware maintainer for several customers.

  • Assembly and sale of custom computers.


Open source projects.