Versatile software engineer with vast experience designing and building web enabled systems.

Proficient in most areas of web backend technologies and relational database systems. Familiar with NoSQL databases (ie. Redis, MongoDB, Memcached).

Proven problem solving and analytical skills, highly experienced. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

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Devops Engineer

Cycode @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Kubernetes monitoring/alerting stack researcher:

Senior → Staff Software Engineer  recommended1

2017 — 2021
BlazeMeter @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Broadcom BlazeMeter at Enterprise Software Division of Broadcom (2018 – 2021)

    • 2020 – 2021: Staff Software Engineer

      • Mentoring new engineers about platform

      • Non-trivial tasks lead (ie. minimize breaking changes for some new features)

    • 2018 – 2020: Senior Software Engineer

      • Multi-cloud solutions: GCP, AWS, Azure: SDK client in PHP 5-7 and Python 2-3 for:

        • Provisioning of VMs

        • S3-compatible solution: ie. Minio and boto3

        • etc.

      • Convert Docker image solution to native multi-platform solution using PyInstaller and NSSM for Win32 service management

      • Introduced use of Alpine Linux for reduced security footprint and size/cost improvements

      • Splunk dashboards

In 2018 Broadcom acquired CA Technologies

  • CA Technologies BlazeMeter (2017 – 2018)

    Software Engineer at CI/CD Division of CA Technologies

    • Developed:

      • Solutions with a mixture of PHP, Python, Docker, MongoDB, Java, BASH.

      • Contributor to multi-cloud provisioning system for AWS, GCE, Azure.

    • Member of:

      • Team nominated to CA’s 2017 “Barrier Breaker” award.

      • Maintenance team for production systems (devops).

Senior Developer  recommended1 recommended2

2011 — 2016
IronSource, AfterDownload @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • IronSource Search (2014 – 2016)

    • Implemented in Go high performance & low latency geolocator and browser sniffer.

    • Implemented Bing search feed consumer and client tracking. Maintance of Yahoo, InfoSpace and partial Google feeds. At runtime feeds segregated by brand, market and multiple AB tests.

    • Implemented detection & reporting of prominent browser ad blockers, which allowed management take strategic business decisions.

    • Developed:

      • Solutions with a mixture of PHP, SQL (MySQL, RedShift), Python and Go.

      • search extensions for Chrome and Chromium browsers (ie. Binkiland New Tab).

      • Internal automations for department needs (ie. AV scans, remote jobs, up/down-loads, reports) with storage at S3, statistics from RedShift consumption.

    • Enhanced AB testing framework used for high-traffic landing pages (300M+ hits/mo.) with extreme low latency.

    • System administration of *NIX systems (eg. CentOS) at AWS.

    • Management of NGINX and php-fpm.

screenshots from monetised search pages (Yahoo feed)
Home/landing page of search brand, one of many Results page, SERP, with monetization
  • IronSource Display (2013 – 2014)

    • Azure hosted next generation version of C.A.S.T based on C#.

    • Native display advertisement platform development.

    • Migrated custom third party integrations from previous PHP to new C# solution.

In 2013 IronSource acquired AfterDownload

  • AfterDownload R&D (2011 – 2013)

    • Designed & implemented prototype of online advertisement platform C.A.S.T.

    • Maintained hundreds of landing pages for FriedCookie.

    • Designed & implemented tracking system of installations (PIO: Products, Installation & Offers).

    • Planned and executed integations with partners.

    • Techinical contact & lead developer for most stategic client: CNET’s (ie. native ads platform & PPD bidding program).

    • PHP, SQL development and Debian system administration.

    • Integrations with CyberSource, PayPal and SendGrid services.

    • Management of Apache and mod_php.

screenshots from platform for
PPD bidding platform Native ads at

Developer & Leader  recommended1

2008 — 2011
Teleweb Services @Tel-AvivIsrael

  • Senior Developer (2008 - 2009):
  • Senior member of eCommerce back-end PHP Development team.
  • R&D Team Leader (2009 - 2010):
  • Architecturize, implement and maintain distributed and adaptable systems.

  • Coordinate requirements between back-end, front-end and marketing needs.

  • Special Projects Lead (2010 - 2011):
  • R&D for business growth.

PHP Developer  recommended1

2006 — 2008
Zend Technologies @Ramat-GanIsrael

  • eBussiness PHP Developer:
  • Member of Zend’s internal PHP Development team.

  • Maintainer of mission critical, fault tolerant systems.

Web Developer  recommended1

2005 — 2006
Koret Communications @Tel-AvivIsrael

Project Manager  recommended1

2001 — 2005
Mapas Digitales S.A. @SantiagoChile

  • Project Leader for Chilean Postal Service Postal Code Development, business intelligence and most mayor projects.

  • Team mentoring.

  • Research and Development of new web enabled technologies for internal use.

PHP Developer  recommended1

2000 — 2001
InterMedia S.A. @SantiagoChile

  • Development of CMS and e-commerce systems for Chilean companies.

  • Lead developer for LanChile and Eucerin portals, among other projects.

  • Administrator of database and web server boxes.

Consultant & Technical Support

1998 — 2000
Independant Consultant @SantiagoChile

  • Freelance software developer (POS, thesis support, web pages, etc).

  • Y2K readiness, support and hardware maintainer for several customers.

  • Assembly and sale of custom computers.


Open source projects.

socks5map Simple SOCKS5 proxy for local web development aid; see “Uses of socks5map proxy tool”.